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Star Wars: Episode 7 Trailer: The Force Has Awakened!

It’s here! Disney has released the very first Star Wars: The Force Awakens from director J.J. Abrams‘ highly anticipated sequel, which falls into the franchise as Episode VII if anyone’s counting...

What 5SOS have to say about the Abigail Breslin song

So a girl named Abigail Breslin released a song. You may remember her from movies such as My Sisters Keeper and Little Miss Sunshine...well turns out she's all...

5SOS have an epic response to 1D throwing shade

So you may have heard about our "Yes/No" game by now....we first played it with the 5SOS boys who readily admitted they have gone more than three days without changing their underwear...

Casanovas 28th November 2014

Today the Casanovas played at Carousel with their Giant Scratchie thanks to Lottery West, shopped with Stocklands in Bullcreek and finished up with movies all thanks to Video Ezy in Wanneroo

5SOS play Smallzy's Yes/No game: Fan Edition

You guys loved the first version so much that when Smallzy caught up with the 5SOS boys once again, we brought out those paddles for the "Yes/No" game 2.0

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcasts

All the best bits from Friday's show...

Daredevil Flaviu Cernescu truly lives up to his title. The extreme climber fearlessly scaled a 280 metre tall old abandoned chimney tower in Pitesti, Romania wearing no safety equipment at all!...

Nathan Soy Sauce

We catch up with Brendon Julian who talks about the tragic death of Phillip Hughes! Author Cheryl Cecchetto, plus heaps more!

Baby and baby sloth are best friends
Image | Caters News Agency

What's cuter than a baby? A baby sloth and a baby thats what!

You voted for it… now you have it in all it’s palm tree christmas glory!

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