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Smallzy's Surgery Podcast - 31 October 2014

JUSTICE CREW joined Smallzy to chat their Fresh Hit ‘Rise and Fall’ and some Halloween Tricks! Plus ...

Casanovas 31st October 2014

Today the Casanovas headed out for the whole day in the beautiful sunshine. They started off at Cockburn Central where they celebrated the refurbishment of the venue by handing out a stack of...

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcasts

All the best bits from Friday's show...

Want to Win a trip to Vanuatu?

SMallzy's Halloween live stream

THANKS FOR WATCHING.....see you next time!


It's November so we know what that means... Movember! We thought we would take the moustache a little further and see what other facial hair styles there is to choose from...

Nathan, Nat and Shaun Halloween

Happy Halloween! Nathan, Nat and Shaun test their Witchcraft and Wizardry, we catch up with Dr Karl, Tim Gossage, Surf legend Mick Fanning plus heaps more!

Nathan, Nat and Shaun are putting their bodies on the line for you with Nova's Deep Fry Day!

Guy sinks four incredible basketball shots to win $10,000 at halftime

The most amazing fact is: this guy doesn't even play basketball and according to reports he had a broken finger at the time!

Melbourne Cup Carnival 2014

The Melbourne Cup Carnival is nearly here and we have all the tips for the race days!

Still haven't got your tickets?...

Ice Bucket Challenge halloween costume - funniest halloween costumes 2014

Halloween is back and with it comes some of the most creative and hilarious costumes you'll ever see! Here are the funniest Halloween costumes of 2014 we've found so far!...

1. Chelsea Handler 2. Wippa’s scary story 3. Fitzy’s scary story 4. Fitzy is trying to teach Hewie to like music 5. What went wrong at your street party? 6....