This $2 accessory is the hottest item at New York Fashion Week

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Gigi Hadid is OBSESSED with it

We're currently lusting after some majorly expensive items from New York Fashion Week - hello, Oscar de la Renta - but our bank accounts have given us a firm no.

Luckily, the hottest accessory at this year's event costs as little as two bucks!

The humble printed white bandana is making waves, landing on the runways of big names like Diane von Furstenberg and Tommy Hilfiger and being worn by big-name celebs like Gigi Hadid.

It's all part of the Business of Fashion's #TiedTogether project which makes a "clear statement in support of solidarity, human unity, and inclusiveness."

We're all about versatility and there are SO many ways to wear this piece - around your neck, in your hair, tied to your bag, looped into your jean's belt loops.

Ready to rock the trend? Here's a few options:

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Written By Cassie Crofts

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