6 Facebook status updates that really have to stop

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These are the six most irritating Facebook status updates that really, really need to stop right now. 

A Facebook timeline is meant to be a place to share information, but sometimes people use it for sharing some pretty annoying stuff. We rounded up the ~worst of the worst~ statuses and discovered they could be grouped into these six types.


1. The 'cryptic status' update

“Worst day ever :("

We all have friends who post these. They are so obviously attention seeking it hurts! Yes, some of your 'friends' will reply with concern, however, everyone else just thinks you're pathetic and they're all laughing at you behind your back. Sorry. 

most frustrating Facebook post

2. The 'obviously-for-one-person' status update

"LOL [tags friend] remember that pizza we had that time?"

Got a personal joke only one person will understand? Please send it to JUST THEM! This is why texting or private messaging your friends was invented in the first place. No one else cares in the slightest. 

3. The 'friend cull' status update

“Just deleted heaps of friends, if you can read this, congratulations you made the cut!”

Gee thanks, I'm so stoked I made your list and can continue to read these insightful and interesting status updates. 

4. The 'no-activity-is-too-small' status update

"Eating some chicken."


5. The 'too-many-hashtags' status update

"Making breakfast! #waffles #FoodPorn #food #lunch #brunch #breakfast #fruit #eatclean #healthy #yummy #yolo"

Hashtags can actually be so useful! But in the wrong hands… 

6. The 'Oscar Acceptance Speech' Status Update

"2014 has just been the best year ever for me! Thanks to my family and all the other AMAZING, wonderful people in my life! You guys ROCK! Keep partying ;) XOXO"

Gross! If you really want to thank the people who mean the most to you, do it in person and not with a public (and generic) Facebook status update. 

Written By Matt

Wine or champagne? 

Catch ya later gingerbread.


Not kidding.