Casanovas for Doritos Crackers 04.12.2018

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Casanovas for Doritos Crackers 04.12.2018

The Casanovas were out and about this arvo!

The Casanovas hit the beach this arvo; giving away Doritos' new delicious crackers! Scarborough beach was swarming with punters, everyone loving their early arvo snack!

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Casanovas @ KFC Ascot 18.12.2018

The Casanovas grabbed themselves a finger lickin' good feed at KFC this arvo! 

Casanovas for Hopman Cup 18.12.2018

The Casanovas roamed the Matagarup bridge this arvo!

Casanovas for Kids Summer Fest 18.12.2018

The Casanovas hit the streets of Perth this arvo!