You’ll be shocked with what Liam Payne said about Harry Styles

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Harry Styles and Liam Payne

One Direction really is going in different… directions.

It seems everyone isn’t a fan of Harry Styles’ ’Sign of the Times’. 

Liam Payne gave his opinion to Music Choice on Styles’ new sound and it isn’t as positive as you’d think.   

“I’ll be honest with you it’s not my sort of music so it’s not something I’d listen to.” 

However, Payne whistled a different tune when it came to fellow 1D band-mate, Niall Horan.

In fact, Payne reckons ‘Slow Hands’ is “great” and “cool”.

Payne just released his debut single, 'Strip That Down', and thinks Styles will feel the same about his music. 

“I think the funny thing is, [Harry] would say the same thing about me because he doesn’t really listen to hip-hop music, whereas it’s like my song’s more [Tyga’s] ‘Rack City’ and his song is more of a different era to something I’d listen to, I guess.” 

Payne's first single was co-written by himself, Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac, and features rap artist Quavo.

Have a watch of the interview. Is this just different taste in music, or is something deeper going on? What do you think?

Lead image: Twitter/@LatestCelebNew

Written By Christina Cavaleri