Angie Kent Put Some Bizarre Boundaries In Place Before Signing Onto The Bachelorette

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"My no go zones for dates are…"

When you're signing up for any reality television series, it's in your best interest to put some boundaries in place for yourself.

For instance, if I were to go on a reality series I would promise myself to avoid tequila at all costs, because that ain't pretty, Australia. 

Angie Kent is one to think ahead, but she went one step further and got the production crew to agree to her boundaries, because that's the boss she is. 

Before starting her journey as Channel 10's latest Bachelorette, Angie revealed on The Project that she gave clear "no go zones" for her one-on-one time with suitors. 

"I've lived in the jungle and I've rescued dogs and lived with a man with down syndrome so I've seen a lot of stuff.

"My no go zones for dates are nothing to do with my feet and belly button.

"I just know how funny the dates can get on The Bachelorette... no massages!"

Catch up on the latest Smallzy’s Surgery podcast:

Angie welcomed 20 men into the mansion last night and she's happy with what the network has chosen for her:

"I've heard quite the opinions about what  [the contestants] look like, but once you get to know them too that's when you really get to see them shine."

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Written By Christina Cavaleri