Anthony Callea banned from Studio 10

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Australian Idol alum Anthony Callea was officially banned from appearing on the Channel Ten panel show Studio 10, according to the show’s former executive producer.

Rob McKnight, who ran the show for its first four years of existence, dropped the bombshell in his podcast TV Blackbox.

He explained that the ban happened after Anthony ditched Studio 10 for an interview on a higher-rating rival show.

“What happened is that we had a guest booked on the show, promoted it even.

“And their manager got in contact with us literally the day before and said, ‘He’s not coming on. He’s going on Mornings (Channel 9’s morning show).’

“We were like, ‘You can’t do that, we’ve got him booked!’ They said, ‘No, we’re doing this.’"

McKnight warned that the move would result in a ban - but Anthony’s team went ahead with the switch.

“I made it be known to his management that if you guys do this, and you have every right to do it, he will never come on Studio 10. They just laughed at us and said, ‘You don’t mean that.’ I said, ‘I actually do. We’re not going to be treated like a second-rate show.’”

Anthony’s management tried to book a spot on the show in the years that followed, but the ban remained. McKnight maintains that he has “no ill will” towards the singer, who was unlikely to have even known about the ban.

“His management had come back time and time again, we said, ‘Look, we meant it,’

“This was when we were still trying to find our voice and identity and I believed that it was important to draw a line in the sand.

“No one ever screwed us over again because the word got out and everybody knew if you make a booking with Studio 10, you honour it. Because if you don’t you won’t appear on the show.”

In 2017, McKnight took sick leave from the show - and Anthony finally got the gig.

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