Australia's Got Talent Winner Jack Vidgen Unrecognisable After Full-Blown Transformation

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Seriously though...

It might seem like yesterday that a baby-faced Jack Vidgen, just 14, won Australia's Got Talent.

But guys?

It's actually been eight years.

But we digress.

You see, while we might feel like that time went by hella fast with nary a change, for Jack, those eight years were pretty transformative.

The singer, now 22, has debuted his television return - he's headed to The Voice - and while he was at it, a new ~lewk~

First, here is on AGT those many moons ago:

And here he is now:

Jack's return was revealed via The Voice Australia's official Facebook page with a video explaining he had fallen "out of love" with music.

Followers however, were quick to dissect the 22-year-old's appearance.

"Changes his face and expects no one to notice, really??" one person wrote as another added they, "didn't even recognise him"

"He’s had so much cosmetic procedures doesn’t even look like him," said another.

"I reckon he's had his teeth done his cheek bones already looked chiseled," and "Guess all his prize money was spent on filler!" were also posted.

Jack will debut on The Voice Australia, May 19.

Image: The Voice Australia / Channel 9


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Written By Ally Parker