The Bachelor Evictee Spills On What Abbie Is Really Like

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Spill the tea sis.

The Bachelor evictee Brianna has spilled the tea on what contestant Abbie Chatfield is really like in a chat with Now To Love.

And damn.

Just, damn.

"What you see is what you get," Bri told the publication about Abbie.

"That's pretty much what she's like."

"I personally think she may not have [genuinely being looking for love] but I think once she'd been on a date, she did genuinely liked him [Matt] and wanted to be with him."

"I don't think she 100 per cent went in... well, obviously she'd like to find love... but I don't think that was her sole intention."

Brianna also told Now To Love that she felt the editing was pretty accurate this year:

"The way people are being portrayed and the way they were, it's just a little heightened and exaggerated a bit more, but it was what they were like."

She added that she didn't know if it was a "good thing or bad thing" but felt Abbie had a "strong personality" and "other people who have strong personalities, don't really click with her."

As for the final winner? She has her money on Elly or Chelsie.

"I think they just tick all of the boxes and I think I always thought that when I was on the show, and now watching it back, watching Matt's reactions and what he says, it just gives me a bit of an inkling."

So, if you got them in the sweep, you should probably do a little happy dance right about now. 

Image: Instagram / Abbie Chatfield

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Written By Ally Parker