Bachelor In Paradise's Alex Is Only Following One Of Her Potential Suitors On Instagram

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Alex Nation BIP

Spoiler alert?

Bachelor In Paradise star Alex Nation is only following one of her potential suitors which is leading people to think it's the person she ends up with in the end. 

Alex, who won Richie Strahan's season of The Bachelor, was most recently linked to Maegan Luxa, her AFL teammate, the pair even got engaged, but split soon after.

The reality star has since shown interest in Bill Goldsmith and Brooke Blurton while in Paradise, but as the show premiered this week, it was revealed that Alex only follows Bill on Instagram.


Alex liked one of Bill's photos this week and the pair kissed on Thursday night's episode. 

In promos for next week, she is seen kissing Brooke with the boys freaking out to the cameras because if they give each other their roses then five boys will go home. 

Alex's mother has taken to social media to say how proud she is of her daughter, but didn't give anything away about who she might end up with on the show.

Social media slammed Channel Ten earlier this week for showing a conversation between Alex and Richie that many believed should have been private. 

The intense discussion between the pair has been hyped up over the last few weeks as it was the first time the former couple had seen each other since their breakup in 2017. 

During the conversation Alex told Richie:

"I feel like people would have a very big opinion of a woman, being left alone, to do something that involved both of us."

Richie responded:

"Don't beat around the bush Alex, say it. Because you're not gonna like my response. Because we did talk about it. We talked about the whole thing and what you said to me blew my mind... I've had to come to peace with this."

He went on to add:

"We spoke at length about it and I supported you and your decisions."

Some viewers felt they were able to guess what happened between the pair and felt uncomfortable the conversation had been aired in the first place. 

Image: Alex Nation/Instagram

Written By Marni Dixit