The Bachelorette Contestant Goes On Fat-Shaming Rant On Instagram

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Former The Bachelorette star Rhy Chilton has posted a series of statements on Instagram that uh... aren't going down all too well TBH.

The 33-year-old - who appeared on Georgia Love's season - shared statements across Instagram Story hitting out against those who "justify being overweight."

“It turns out creating a positive movement was easier than just eating healthy and working out,” he wrote before uploading a picture of a plus-sized model.

“Dudes don’t have a movement promoting beer guts as attractive. It’s as if we understand it’s not healthy.

“It’s okay to love your body even if you’re overweight. But don’t promote it as something to idolise.

Catch up on the latest Kate, Tim & Marty podcast (post continues):

“Just stop trying to justify being overweight. Excess fat is exactly that … Excess! Nobody out there loves their curves more than they’d love being actually in f***ing shape," he continued.

“I’m not shaming fat people, I’m shaming people who are lying to themselves and society about fat people.

“You can be fat … I don’t care. Just don’t sit next to me on a plane, don’t have four heart attacks costing tax dollars and don’t expect me to swipe right on you.”

Image: The Bachelorette / Channel Ten

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Written By Ally Parker