Behold Ryan Gosling white girl wasted after the Golden Globes

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Ryan Gosling

He said he'd had "too much champagne to answer" a lengthy question about love

Hooly dooly, do Hollywood's awards ceremonies deliver on the booze front. Attendees of yesterday's Golden Globes may have had to sit through a few too many lengthy speeches, but at least they were provided with ample amunition to deal with it.

The mini bottles of Moët that were handed out on silver trays - complete with custom funnels for maximum skulling potential - are enough to make you wanna take up acting classes.

With that in mind, it seems either very cruel or very clever that Globes attendees are forced to endure lengthy Q&A sessions at the end of the ceremony, after what we would assume would be very many bottles of fancy champagne.

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During one such session after yesterday's Golden Globes, your favs Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were at the receiving end of one extremely convoluted question about love, posed by a reporter whose strong points would not include "being succinct".

The looks on Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone's faces as they struggle to follow the film-worthy twists and turns of the question are priceless.

While Emma Stone's angelic face crumbled into a mask of confusion, Ryan Gosling can be seen swaying slightly on the spot and squinting like the question is coming from the middle of a sandstorm.

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At the end of the question, Ryan Gosling is the very vision of a white knight coming to Emma Stone's rescue. Taking honesty as the best policy, he admits:

"I've had too much champagne to answer that question."

Golden Globes reaction

To be fair, we still don't know what the question means, and we don't see anyone handing us mini Moëts on a platter.

Written By Kirsty Sier