Billie Eilish Dyed Her Hair Neon Green And Fans Are Obsessed

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17-year-old super star Billie Eilish has had badass style from day dot. 

Known for her over-sized clothing and eclectic errythang, the Bad Guy singer has rocked a rainbow of hairstyles over the months, from grey and silver to blue and jet black. 

While we’re loving seeing her style yoyo from butt-length extensions to buns, Billie has tackled the colour challenge most of us could never dream of. 

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Taking to Instagram Stories, Billie showed off her freshly dyed neon green roots - not highlights, roots. The rest of her hair appears close to her natural brown. 

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Twitter went berko over the ombre 2019 she’s rocking.  

We’d love to try it, but we’ve got zero time to maintain it. 

Best of luck to you and your hairdresser, Billie <3 

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