Busted! The MAFS moment that was entirely scripted

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We're a hot min into this season of MAFS and while we've yet to have a single group dinner episode, the drama has been plenty.

You hear us? PLENTY.

And the latest slice? Oh, just an entirely faked scene no biggie.

Daily Mail Australia have exposed the fakery behind the best man speech at Mick and Jessika's wedding - and hold onto your horses, 'cause it's a doozy.

You see, best man Broxy told guests (which yes, included parents) about a Viagra-fuelled night and a trip to the hospital.

Well, since then a source close to the groom revealed ol' mate Broxy is “deeply embarrassed” by his speech.

“[The best man] made the whole bloody thing up and now he regrets it,” said the insider.

“He’s embarrassed he got dragged into everything. There was no Viagra, no-one went to hospital despite what he said. He was just playing up to the cameras and trying to make people laugh.

And that's not all.

Daily Mail Australia also report that some of the story was too rude for our screens.

“It got so much worse. It was absolutely disgusting,” the source added.

The news comes after it was revealed that Mike was an actor.

You can watch the whole cringetastic thing here.

Image: MAfs / Channel 9

Written By Ally Parker