Camila Cabello Slams Her Fans For Their "Hateful" Behaviour

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"To my fans, if you really love me..."

Camila Cabello appears to have confirmed reports she and boyfriend Matthew Hussey have split, urging fans not to send people she cares about "hateful messages".

The pop star dated the British author for close to 18 months, but the relationship has fizzled out recently, and now the Havana singer wants her devotees to be civil to her ex.

"To my fans, if you really love me, please do not send people I love and care about hateful things," she wrote on Instagram on Wednesday (26Jun19). "You doing that really hurts me, and it’s so unnecessary and heavy and damaging to add more pain to pain.

"There’s a real person behind your tweets. You spamming them with hateful, insensitive things is really not funny, is causing all of us pain, and doesn’t (at) all reflect the values I talk about... Please be kind by leaving it alone."

Camila has also asked fans to delete mean messages they may have posted after reading the split reports, shortly after the pop star released her sexy new video, in which Shawn Mendes plays her love interest.

Fans have been posting lyrics from Cabello and Mendes' new collaboration, Senorita, on Hussey's social media pages. 



Image: Getty Images / Christian Vierig / Contributor


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