Carrie Bickmore's chilling Gold Logie speech that stole the show

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Carrie Bickmore deservedly scored herself the Gold Logie, but that wasn't the part that stopped Australia in its tracks

Carrie Bickmore looked stunning last night on the red carpet. But that's not the reason she stole the show.

Carrie Bickmore scored two awards last night at the Logies, but that's not the reason she stole the show.

So what DID she do that stole the show?

It was when took to the microphone to accept her Gold Logie at last night's TV Week Logie Awards.

The gorgeous blonde, best known for hosting The Project on Ten, chose not to dedicate her Gold Logie speech to "thanking everyone", but to dedicate it to her late husband Greg, who died from brain cancer in 2010.

The 34-year-old started out by shocking Australia with cold, hard facts: brain cancer kills eight of ten people who are diagnosed.

"Everyone thinks it's this rare form of cancer, it's not," she said.

“It kills more people under forty (than any other cancer) - and that’s a lot of you in this room.

“It kills more kids than any other disease.

“In 2010 my husband Greg was one of the unlucky ones. And after a long, long, long battle he died from brain cancer.

“Over ten years I watched him suffer multiple seizures a day, lose feeling down one side of his body.”

Carrie held back tears as she talked about how Greg was a brave man and a great dad.

"He was a great husband and a great brother. And he was a great friend. But he shouldn't have had to go through that. No one should have to go through that. And that's why I want to talk about it tonight."

She whipped out a blue beanie and put it on her head.


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“Throughout his cancer journey he used to wear a lot of hats – he used to wear a lot of beanies. And that was because he felt embarrassed about his scars and his head. And I used to say to him: ‘Don’t be embarrassed, scars are really, really cool’. And beanies are also really cool.”

Then she asked anyone who "works in TV" to wear a beanie tomorrow (now today).

“I want to ask anybody that’s on TV in Australia tomorrow to whack on a beanie I want to get the nation talking about brain cancer – it receives next to no funding which is ludicrous. Because without funding more people are going to die and as I just said eight out of 10 people that are diagnosed will die from this disease. So anyone – Sam, Kochie, Karl, Lisa – whoever’s on TV tomorrow whack on a beanie if you’re going to school tomorrow, kids, put a beanie on. If you’re going to work put a beanie on. Take a pic of yourself with the hashtag ‘Beanies For Brain Cancer'

“And I know that people watch TV and they think that we’re just faces who get to spend hours in hair and makeup and have these really awesome jobs but we also have our own stories and our own challenges. And for me, work has been an incredible escape, an incredible outlet for me over many, many, many years and I want to dedicate this award tonight to anyone that’s going through a really shit time right now. Anyone that’s supporting someone through a really tough time right now. Please believe that there will be a brighter day for you. Please believe that.”

To kick off this morning, Karl and Lisa were sporting their beanies front and centre. 

karl and lisa


Watch Carrie's speech below.

Probably get some tissues.

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