Concern For Ines Basic Following String Of Sexually Explicit Instagram Posts

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Ines Basic has posted a series of bizarre Instagram Stories overnight with sexually explicit captions including, "I wonder if there's any dogs here I can have sex with" and references to drug use.

The Married At First Sight star, 29, flooded her Instagram with dozens of the posts which also include references to drugs and the caption, "On Valium" with an image of Ines at the MAFS reunion.

Many of the Story's appeared to be jokes, others touched on statements - like those made about fellow contestant Sam Ball - Ines has always maintained as truth.

Ines, formerly a legal assistant, told Woman's Day this week how producers "manipulated" and "controlled" her during her time on MAFS.

"I really thought the whole experience was going to be fun, but behind the scenes it was so very heavily controlled," she said.  

Ines also told NW about the effect this had on her weight, losing 12kg due to stress while filming: 

"Losing weight when I'm highly stressed is not hard. I had the roughest time on MAFS, filming was really demanding and I had a lot of personal dramas just before the reunion was shot," she told the publication.

Image: MAFS / Channel 9

EDIT: Several hours after writng, Ines provided the below statement to regarding the posts:

“I’m actually taking the piss out of myself and the horrendous photographs and stories that are being published and written about me,” she told

“I have a great sense of humour which I am using my Instagram feed to demonstrate. I want to draw attention to, and expose, the paparazzi photographers who are living in cars in my street and ideally stop them bullying me. They are a disgrace to their profession, and it reflects badly on the media as a whole.”

Written By Ally Parker