The emotional Brooklyn 99 scene that has fans in tears

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One of the characters on the popular show, Rosa Diaz, played by Stephanie Beatriz come out as bisexual in the shows' 99th episode.

Speaking the the character Charles, Rosa makes the admission after being pestered about her dating life.

Her response?

“I’m dating a woman. I’m bi.”

Dan Goor, an executive producer, told Variety how the episode was inspired by Beatriz herself coming out.

Beatriz is passionate about the representation those who identify as bisexual saying:

“I was so excited about it because as somebody who identifies as bi — queer — I just had nothing like that when I was growing up. The gay characters I can remember were most often stereotypes. Even a show like Friends, you watch back, and you’re like, ‘Ooh, I can’t believe that’s the choice they made.’ And as someone who’s bi, you have absolutely nothing — no representation at all. And to be able to try to do something like that on our show and have a character come out as bi was really important for me.”

“If a kid that’s bi is watching TV and doesn’t really see anyone that identifies as bi or queer that is in a happy, functioning relationship, that has a good job, that lives past a 3-episode guest star arc — or maybe the bi character is hypersexualised or possibly a villain, [which] happens a lot — what does that mean for a 12, 13-year-old watching television and consuming media, and thinking, ‘Well who am I then? I guess I’m not this thing because I’m not a villain, I don’t want to be hypersexualised, I want what everybody wants, to live happy and well.”

It's also a welcome development for a character who has lacked the same progress as others on the series, due in part to Rosa's trademark stoicism.

“Rosa got to a place in her mind where she was like, ‘I might have a relationship with a woman or I might have a relationship with a man in my future. And maybe I want to let in to that decision the people that I really care about and love,'" she told Variety.

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