Fans Find A Plot Hole In The Big Bang Theory About Sheldon Cooper

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Think we'd miss that one guys?

Fans of The Big Bang Theory have discovered a plot hole in their favourite TV sitcom.

We all know about the ongoing storyline that Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) and actor Wil Wheaton have this ridiculous feud where Will actually appears in a few episodes as himself, reports The Sun.

But it looks like the storyline has a bit of a road bump with its timeline. 

In the twelfth episode of season 10, titled The Holiday Summation, Sheldon lists his friends in the order that he met them.

He tells his mum: 

"I have Leonard, Howard and Raj… Stuart, Penny, Leonard’s mum, Bernadette, Wil Wheaton …"

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He then says that he was naming them "chronologically".

But he made a mistake and fans of the show have picked it up. Sheldon in fact met Will before Bernadette, he met Bernadette during the tenth episode of season three.

Sheldon's feud with Wil dates back to when he was 15 when he didn't show up at the 95’ Dixie Trek Convention in Jackson, Mississippi.

Image: The Big Bang Theory via Warner Bros. Television

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