Fans Reckon Khloé Kardashian Got A Nose Job Thanks To Instagram Pic

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Who nose.. 

The Kardashians are no strangers to plastic surgery. 

All of the sisters have gone under the knife/needle for some kind of procedure. They’ve denied it in the past (remember when Kylie insisted she hadn’t done anything to her lips?), but, for the most part, all members of the Kardashi-clan have been pretty open about the work they’ve got done. 

The latest Kardashian to apparently get some work done is Khloé. Well, according to her fans at least. 

Khloé posted some pictures earlier this week to promote her new KoKo Kollection and fans instantly noticed a difference in her nose:

Fans left comments like "New 👃," "Where did your 👃 go?" and compared Khloé to Michael Jackson. 

Michael Jackson Popcorn GIF

Khloé has admitted in the past that she wants a nose job. 

"One day I think I'll get one because I think about it every day. But I'm scared so for now it's all about contour.”

In a makeup tutorial the reality tv star did for Vogue last week, so said that her nose contour is why her schnozz sometimes looks so different. 

She shared, "One of my favourite things is nose contour. But this does stress me out a little bit. In person and how cameras reflect and light, everything looks different, so sometimes I will contour my nose and in real life I think I look so good and then in some photos I look crazy!”

What do you think: is it just makeup and good lighting or has Khloé gone under the knife again? 

Images: Instagram / Khloe Kardashian, Giphy / Giphy. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi