The first trailer for Dumbo is here and you're going to need tissues

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Prepare to feel nostalgic!

We are absolutely loving all of these live action films and Disney is not slowing down.

Next up, is Dumbo, Tim Burton’s story about the flying elephant who gets separated from his family and bullied.

The film will hit cinemas in March 2019 and stars Collin Farrell, Danny Devito, Eva Green and Michael Keaton.

Watch the trailer below, but we warn you - you will need tissues. 

Dumbo is the latest in a list of live action remakes from Disney, following a collection of successful remakes of Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and The Jungle Book.

We still have Aladdin with Will Smith, The Lion King with Beyonce, and Mulan to come so make way for the nostalgia. 


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Written By Christina Cavaleri

It’s gonna be a wild ride. 

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