Forever Queen, Lizzo, Has Graced The Cover Of Vogue In True Lizzo Fashion

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Baby how you feelin'?

We've said it in the headline but please allow us to repeat the deepest truth we know.

Lizzo is our Forever Queen.

So, with this in our hearts, we just about dropped when we saw she'd graced the cover of British Vogue.

We could wax lyrical about our love for the flute-playing, twerk-happy legend but we know you want the pics so please, enjoy:

And her captions?


Across six posts, Lizzo wrote:

"Ladies and gentlemen, the cover of Vogue. On newsstands everywhere."

"Fat, black, beautiful, fashion, vogue."

"Taking up space. Claiming my time."

"I’m a custom couture bad n bougeé b**ch eatin maruchan ramen wit a pair of platinum chopsticks."

"You thought I wasn’t gonna post every single shot?"

And finally, "Big black girls, if you’re reading this... you’re a cover star. Nothin less. Period Pooh. Fin b**ch. Thank you."

BRB, need to buy up one of these mags for every bad b**ch we know (a lot).

Image: YouTube / Lizzo / Truth Hurts

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