Hugh Grant Would “Secretly Love To Appear On A TV Dancing Show” And We Stan

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Forever hunk and hip-groove-aficionado Hugh Grant would secretly love to trip the light fantastic on a TV dance show.

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The Four Weddings and a Funeral star would never accept an offer to appear on a show like Dancing With the Stars, but deep down he would love to show off his tango and foxtrot skills.

"Secretly, I’d kind of like to be on Strictly Come Dancing," he tells Deadline. "It’d be beneath my dignity, obviously, but I would, really.

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"I’ve developed rather a taste for dancing. I had to dance in Paddington 2, and in Love Actually and other things, and it’s lovely. It’s a simple form of entertainment and there’s not enough of it."

He'd also love to be considered for an old-fashioned Hollywood musical, and is crying out for a remake of The Sound of Music - one of his favourite films of all time.

"I don’t think I could live without that [movie]," he adds. 

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"My Swedish wife [Anna Eberstein] is used to real men. She comes from the north of Sweden, where men don’t even drink tea, because that’s considered too girly. I was caught by her once watching The Sound of Music and singing along with the Mother Superior. And honestly, our marriage has never really been the same since." 

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Ah, Hugh, we'd watch you waltz on telly anytime. 

Source: WENN

Written By Brynn Davies