ICYMI: MAFS bride Ines' last name is literally 'Basic' and we're crying

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It’s all in a name...

Picture this: 

We roll out of bed this morning (after snoozing our alarms 5 times) like any other day. 

We manage to make ourselves look presentable and drag our tired behinds all the way to work. 

We’re scrolling through our daily news cycle, catching up on all things Kylie, the latest Fyre Fest update and last nights episode of Married At First Sight


Then it happened. 

Exactly three coffees into our day we had the realisation of all realisations. 

Are you ready for this jelly?


MAFS bride Ines (yes the one people have been criticising online for being, um, difficult) has the most perfect last name: Basic. 

Yes, her full name is Ines Basic. 


We totally lost our chill because 1) lol what a last name and 2) what a PERFECT last name. 

If ya know what we mean.

We’d love to say we were the first people to come to this realisation, but Twitter, as usual, was way ahead of the game on this one. 

We have A LOT of feelings to unpack. 

So if you find us we’ll be Googling all the other contestants last names while drinking lots of wine and eating pizza re-heated in the toaster.


Images: Married At First Sight / Channel Nine, Giphy / Giphy. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi