The Internet Is Convinced Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant

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Seems legit.

Another day, another Kardashian pregnancy rumour, amirite?

Yesterday, the 'net was convinced Kim's surrogate had gone into labour (Kim was at the Met, not with her surrogate, so it would appear her fans don't think that highly of her).

Today, Twitter is pretty sure Kylie is up the duff.

Which, considering how long she denied her first pregnancy, kinda tracks.

The source of the rumours is a Tweet by Kylie stating: "I got something big launching this month," with two butterfly emojis and a love heart.

The butterfly motif was used throughout Kylie's pregnancy with Stormi so the duplication of the emoji seems to point to a second pregnancy.

Like, people are analysing the meaning behind the emojis like it’s a high school English assessment, but it’s defs plausible. 

Follower after follower has jumped to ask KJ directly if she is indeed pregnato:

"Are you launching a new baby[?]" one user wrote, garnering over 600 likes.

"Pregnant?" said others simply.

Couple the above with what can only be described as a pretty clucky attitude of late and the whole thing seems likely.

Case in point; a short week ago, Kylie posted a tribute to 'hubby' Travis Scott writing:

"Happy happy birthday... let’s f**k around and have another baby."

So, watch this space?

Image: Instagram / Kylie Jenner


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Written By Ally Parker