The Internet is freaking out ‘cause it looks like Telv of MAFS has a new girlfriend

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There are reports they confirmed the romance with a public pash.

Well, it seems all hope of a reunion between former MAFS couple Telv Williams and Sarah Roza has officially been lost, you guys. 

Last we heard from these two, Roza was making some snarky comments on Instagram that seem to be directed at her former TV hubby, and Williams was telling The Daily Telegraph that he was taking a time out from love in the wake of their breakup. 



It seems this time out was only short-lived because the reality TV star has all but confirmed that he’s kicked off a new relationship with a blondie by the name of Maddie Carolan.

Both Williams and Carolan have shared some awfully coupley-looking shots to Instagram from an event hosted by tanning brand Bondi Sands over the weekend and according to The Fix, the pair was seen making out pretty publicly while there. 

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In addition to the pash rumours, Carolan’s Instagram caption for her photo with Williams seems to be a pretty loved-up one. She wrote, “You” along with a heart-eyes emoji, which is basically a declaration of love these days.

Then, there is this piece of hard evidence sourced by Clementine Ford who was generous enough to share it with all of us on Twitter:

When it comes to the reactions of fans, well… they were pretty mixed. In a nutshell, MAFS fans either responded with something along the lines of: 

“Good on ya mate. As long as you’re happy that’s all that matters”


Sorry Telv Sarah is hotter and spoke with her heart! #passionatelover #boringisbasic” 

Image: Nine Network


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