The Internet Is Obsessed With This $20 Kmart Dress

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Can totally see why.

We'll be honest with you.

Not a day goes by that we don't scroll through our fave bargain Instagram pages.

Some say we have "a problem", others tell us we're doing noble work.

We say, "Do you want to come shopping with us with weekend?".

'Cause the latest Kmart winner is a must-have.

Ready? Feast your eyes:

Good right?

You're looking at the $20 Long Sleeve Tier Hem Dress

The dress is getting rave reviews on Instagram with followers across the official Kmart account as well as fan accounts with plaudits like, "Dress of the season" featuring more than once.

Pair it with their Short Brim Fedora Hat ($12.00) and you're laughin'.

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Written By Ally Parker