The Kardashians have been robbed... again

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$1,600 worth of clothing was stolen from their L.A. boutique

No matter how you feel about the Kardashian-Jenner clan, you have to admit they've had a rough year. Getting robbed at gunpoint is fairly gnarly by anyone's standards.

Now, America's royal family has another crime to deal with. According to TMZ, their L.A. boutique 'DASH' has been robbed. In a weird coincidence, the latest crime came just after 17 arrests were made in Paris related to Kim's robbery in October last year.

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Authorities have revealed that a woman entered the Melrose Ave boutique on Monday 9 January and grabbed $1,600 worth of loot before fleeing the scene in a silver sedan. Considering DASH's kit is actually relatively well-priced, that's quite a haul.

So far, cops haven't been able to locate the woman. And it might have been a cleverly timed attack on the part of the robber. It's entirely possible that the Kardashians are currently up to their necks in more pressing issues. The 17 suspects arrested this week over the October crime are currently being held for questioning in France, and it's been rumoured that Kim Kardashian may have to fly back to Paris to identify her assailants.

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Written By Kirsty Sier