Kendall Jenner slammed online after 'raw story' falls flat

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Kendall Jenner has provoked the ire of Internet after the 'raw story' her momager Kris Jenner promised has been unveiled as a ProActiv commercial.

On the 6th of January, Kris tweeted:

"Make sure to watch @KendallJenner’s Twitter on Sunday night to find out what I’m talking about and be prepared to be moved.  #bethechange #shareyourstory #changetheconversation #proudmom #finallyasolution #authenticity #mydaughterinspiresme #getready".

While the premise certainly sounds promising, fans are feeling hard done by as the 23-year-old (who's worth 30 million btw) was really just in an advertisement. 

As they're wont to do, fans were quick to call out the pair writing comments across social media like:

"You're joking me. This is the 'big announcement'? This is a pathetic cry for attention. @KrisJenner."

"Real life issues out there like coming out or crippling disorders that keep you from leaving the house & she comes up with those ridiculous hashtags." 

"Def. not buying @proactiv ... disgusting promotion in a time when women are speaking about real issues."

"@KendallJenner will do anything for money. She had acne at 14 and now she's 23. Her clear skin is definitely with something more than just @proactiv, which regular people can't afford. #sham"

The partnership was announced shortly after Instagram went wild about what looks to be an enagagement ring on Kylie Jenner's finger.

So all in all... a very mixed day across social media for the Kardashian/Jenners.

Image: Instagram / Kendall Jenner


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Written By Ally Parker