Lisa Wilkinson reveals a secret enemy who wanted to ‘take her down’

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And she has great advice!

She’s one of our favourite ladies on TV, but Lisa Wilkinson has revealed that there’s someone out there who once tried to “take her down”

Apparently, the 57-year-old came up against an enemy who “embarked on a ruthless campaign to take her down” according to Private Sydney

Wilkinson made the comments while at the Byron Bay Writer’s Festival last week during a talk she gave with Tracey Spicer.

Lisa gave a statement to the publication via Channel Nine, which read:

“Like many women who've spent time in professional workplaces, I've come up against the occasional roadblock. It comes with the territory.

“But each time, I've shone a light on what was going on, called out the perpetrators, and the problem immediately went away. 

“It's the advice I always give to the young women I mentor – be brave – because it works.”

Wilkinson has previously opened up about the same woman, or a similar situation, to Mamamia.

“My dad always taught me that if somebody new arrives, you always go and look after them, and make sure they're OK. 

“I did with this girl, but suddenly, after about a month, she just turned on me. Her boyfriend decided he liked me, although I had no idea who he was. 

“Bullies rarely have a very good reason for doing what they do. They pick on others to feel better about themselves.”

Wise words!

Image: Instagram/Lisa Wilkinson

Written By Marni Dixit