Ines Basic Has Shocked Fans After Major Cosmetic Procedure

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“You look like a 50yr old.”

Veneers are basically the new Botox. These days, getting a new set of pearly whites feels as common as getting a blowout; stars are popping new teeth on left, right and centre. 

But, like Botox, veneers can be off putting.

Case in point: Ines Basic and her brand-spankin’ new porcelain veneers which have shooketh fans and followers..

Like really shooketh. 

’Cause they think her new gnashers make her look like an old lady.

The Married At First Sight star posted a series of photos to her Instagram Story showing off her sparkly ~blinding~ whites.

“I look so cute!” she wrote, tagging the surgeon from Vogue Dental Studios in Melbourne.  

Unable to comment on the story, fans have shared their two-cents on another image - which also shows the veneers - of Ines with fellow contestant Jessika Power.

“Hahahaha Innes looking like an old lady,” one person wrote. 

Another commented: “Doesn’t even look like Innes [sic].”

“What have you done to yourself innes... You look like a 50yr old,” one fan posted, while another questioned: “Why dose [sic] she look like a old lady?”

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She recently posted about the procedure making her face so numb it was "lopsided". 


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Written By Brynn Davies