MAFS Jessika Power Faces Cheating Accusations One Week Into New Relationship

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Anyone else getting déjà vu? 

It’s been a hot minute since MAFS’ Jessika Power announced a new relationship with Season 4 contestant Nick Furphy.

Like, she literally confirmed it last week. 

But she seems to be up to her old ways after a video surfaced of her locking lips with a man who definitely ain’t Nick. 

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Jess was in Tasmania over the weekend for a nightclub appearance, and joining her was long-time buddy Ash Dudman. 

Here’s Ash: 

The disability support worker and the reality star were spotted cosying up in the nightclub in a photo posted to Instagram Stories. reports that they have also laid eyes on a video of Jessika and Ash kissing as they get out of a car together. 

The video appeared on Instagram, and according to the outlet “shows Power and Dudman sharing a prolonged kiss on the lips with their arms around each other.”

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Jess has since spoken to the publication and explained the vid - taken by a friend of Ash’s - isn’t what it seems. 

“That video was taken at the airport. I was giving him a kiss goodbye and he kissed the side of my lip,” she told

“I knew his friend was videoing and if I thought I was doing anything wrong I wouldn’t have allowed it. Ash and I have been mates for years. His friend is just young and immature and fangirled a little.”

Ash also spoke to and confirmed that their relationship is platonic, saying he was aiming for a peck on the cheek and “not at all” going in for a pash. 

We know Nick and Jess aren’t exclusive just yet, but we wish ‘em all the best. 


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