MAFS’ Jessika Power Slammed By Telv Williams' GF

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“... it does make you an ugly person.”

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. 

Just because Married At First Sight isn’t on our small screens anymore doesn’t mean the participants are no longer in our lives.

Jessika Power’s name is still making headlines months after MAFS’ last episode aired and today is no exception.

Telv William’s girlfriend, Kate Beever, recently called the reality star “ugly on the inside” on Instagram.

According to Beever, Power insulted her during a live Instagram broadcast that has since been deleted. 

And in the Instagram game an insult does not go unnoticed, and we all sit back and wait for the retaliation that’s sure to follow. 

Beever took to the platform and shared a screenshot of Power’s anti-bullying post quoting her own words:

“If you're insulting people on the internet, you must be ugly inside.”

And then commented on the subject herself:

“So then why do [an Instagram] Live right after you post this and insult me? Silly, but you're right, it does make you an ugly person.

“Must be why she deleted her Live - getting backlash for online bullying after negative effects of online bullying.”

The Daily Mail reached out to Power, however, the reality star has declined to comment. 

Power was previously linked to Williams in April, though she flat out denied the allegations and took to Instagram to publicly slam Telv:

"Another day, another FALSE cheating allegation from someone who I thought genuinely was my friend."

But the plot thickened when The Daily Mail has obtained footage from the infamous night Telv It shows Jess and Telv hanging out on her couch with a bottle of champagne at 3am with another man in the background. Jess is heard saying:

"... You show me your areola first."

Another day, another MAFS drama. 

Image: Instagram


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Written By Christina Cavaleri