MAFS' Martha Reveals Heartbreaking Estrangement From Sister

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"It's true."

MAFS has been off our screens for a hot minute now - sob! - and while we've enjoyed the many ups and downs of Bachelor In Paradise (mostly downs tbh), it would appear some of the contestants are more heartsick for their screen time than others.

And by 'some' we mean Martha Kalifatidis. 

The former contestant, 30, has officially launched her YouTube channel with two videos; a Q&A style piece ('Question Box') and a 'Kardashian Makeover Glam Makeup Tutorial'.

During her 'Question Box' video, Martha touches on popular MAFS queries like whether she and Michael are still together and whether she regrets her behaviour on the series (answered as yes, and no, respectively).

But things take an unexpected turn when it comes to family.

What begins as Martha asking her parents what they think of her still living at home, quickly changes into something a bit more sombre when Martha mentions her sister.

"She has blocked me off Instagram, Facebook... and I don't even think she has my number. It's true."

Not a lot is known is about Martha's sister - believed to be named Sophie - except for this estrangement.

It would appear Martha's parents aren't too keen either.

A short time after calling for her, Martha's mother comes into the room to answer the fan question about what her parents think about the makeup artist living at home.

"We don't care that you're here," her mum responds off-camera.

"But we don't like the way you think it's a hotel. You need to clean and you never do washing."

"Can you get me some cold sparkling water please?" Martha responds before joking further about lemon slices and cold fruit.

Despite the somewhat sad vibes, Martha appears to be going pretty well?

Or, at least, that's what her Instagram seems to imply:

If you want to check out here channel, you can here

Image: Instagram / Martha


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Written By Ally Parker