MAFS' Star Elizabeth Sobinoff Hits Back At Body Shamers In The Best Way

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You tell 'em.

Elizabeth Sobinoff is no stranger to speaking her truth.

We thought we'd seen it all after her rousing speech at the MAFS finale (remember that goodie, when Sam said he wasn't used to girls as big as her? Memz) but it turns out we were wrong.

'Cause after losing some weight - for reasons btw, she doesn't need to explain to anyone if she doesn't want to - the reality TV contestant has been shamed again. But, according to haters, she’s too skinny this time.

Fun fact: a woman's weight is not Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Not having it, Elizabeth took to Insta to share her views:

"Thin? Thick? Been called fat, been called flabby, been told I’m promoting anorexia been told I must of had weight loss surgery," she began.

"Been told my a** is too big and my thighs as well (thick thighs save lives) my top too little. Then I get told I’ve lost my curves, trying to indicate I’ve lost my soul. My bone structure was offending people. Now apparently I have this revenge body, getting back at the haters."

"Guys, how I see this is that for my body to be openly criticised is that there is such a focus on our weight and our shape. Let’s give a big [middle finger emoji] to being told how we should look a certain way because we are scared of the assumptions. Or not being accepted because someone else thinks your body is not good enough," she continued.

"We all have different bodies, as individuals our bodies work differently, I’m open about how mine does. Loving your bodies, through thick and thin (pun definitely intended)."

You go girl.

Image: Instagram / Elizabeth Sobinoff

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Written By Ally Parker