Patrick J. Adams Is Returning To Suits For The Final Season

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Mike is back, baby!  

Patrick J. Adams is returning to Suits for the show's ninth and final season.

The actor will reprise his character, Mike Ross, in at least one episode of the upcoming run, after bowing out of the drama after the seventh season, along with another original cast member, Meghan Markle. 

You may have heard of her? She’s not really a big deal, just a member of the royal family.

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Anyway, Patrick posted a no-caption throwback pic from the set of suits to his Instagram account two weeks ago and has today confirmed he will be returning to the show. 

"I couldn’t be happier to be part of the final chapter of Suits," he told Deadline. "I've missed my TV family, and am looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble Mike Ross can stir up at the firm one last time.

"But if the wardrobe department thinks they’re getting back the suits I stole when I left, they’re going to be very disappointed.”

Fair. With all the amazing, expensive clothes on that show, we’d steal an outfit or ten too. 

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Series creator and executive producer Aaron Korsh added:

"You can’t contemplate it (final season) without contemplating bringing Mike back.... There was never a question in my mind that I wanted him back. He is the foundation of the show; it was built on him, others also but the very foundation we built on Patrick and Mike, and we all wanted to have him back.” 

Aaron assured the show will be bringing Mike back in an organic and satisfying way. 

As for Meghan? She won’t be making a cameo, unfortunately. She’s too busy making babies and doing royal stuff. But we WILL get an update on her character. 

"If you take a look throughout season eight and nine, people refer to both Mike and Rachel... and when he comes back, I do believe there is a little update on Rachel," Aaron told Deadline. 

Sounds great to us! 

The early seasons of Suits was as good as it gets so we’re keen to get back to the glory days. 


Source: WENN. 

Images: Patrick J. Adams / Instagram, Giphy / Giphy. 


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