Priyanka Chopra Trolled For Smoking A Cigarette After Announcing She Has Asthma

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No Gary no. 

We’re all guilty of ignoring our own advice. 

Who here’s ever actually done the thing they’ve told their friend to do? Or announced they’re going on a diet only to consume the entire contents of the fridge?

Priyanka Chopra is getting absolutely schooled online for choofing on a ciggie after previously announcing on Twitter that she suffers from asthma. 

And we’re no doctor, but smoking when you have respiratory issues = no bueno. Also, smoking is bad. 

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The Bollywood star was snapped chilling in Miami for her b’day with her Mum, Madhu Chopra, and hubby/snackdaddy Nick Jonas. 

The pic, which has been making the rounds on Twitter and Instagram, shows Nick and Madhu sucking on cigars, while Priyanka smokes a cigarette. 

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Trolls have called out the double standard, citing Priyanka's previous comments about suffering from asthma and asking her fans not to smoke, as well as being an ambassador for asthma sufferers. 

We won't weigh in, other than to leave you with this classic:


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Written By Brynn Davies