REVEALED: How Much MAFS Stars Are Making On Instagram

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*signs up for next reality series*

Married At First Sight may have finished ages ago, but the stars are working hard to fill their wallets with that sweet sweet #sponpo cash.

  1. Get sent a product.
  2. Pose with the product.
  3. Post on socials.
  4. Watch the money roll in.
  5. Rinse. Repeat.

Let’s face it, getting paid for not doing a lot is the ultimate dream, right? We’re not jealous or anything.

A celebrity agent who represents several MAFS stars has revealed just how much some of them are making from sponsored Instagram posts.

Max Markson told the Mumbrellacast podcast that the stars he reps can earn up to $10,000 for a single social media post.

“I'm getting people ringing up, wanting to spend money. I'm charging $5,000 for three posts and three Stories, or $10,000.”

Some of the people he reps include MAFS' Jessika Power, Ines Basic and Cyrell Paule. 

You may have seen them all sharing some (not so) sneaky #sponpo’s on their Instas since leaving the show.

Markson claimed that Power receives “12 million impressions” on Instagram per week, which translates into big bucks for brands.

While he didn’t spill exactly how much Ines, Jess or Cyrell have made recently, he called out Love Island 2018 winner Grant Crapp’s earnings from promoting a hair removal brand - a measly $5,000. 

Things might be peachy at the moment, but Markson warned that reality TV stars usually have a short shelf life to capitalise on their fame. 

“It might only be 12 months and then there will be another fresh set.”

Twelve months would be good enough for us. Nice work if you can get it.

Image: Channel Nine/Married At First Sight


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Written By Christina Cavaleri