Social Media Is Going Nuts Over This Wild Big Little Lies Theory

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The puzzle pieces are coming together. 

It would hardly be surprising to learn that the internet folk have too much time on their hands.

But we'll give it to them, they've come out with some good bits of goss.

And today's offering? Well, it's nothing short of pure genius. 

First up, let's set the scene.

So, season two of Big Little Lies stars Meryl Streep as Perry Wright's (Alexander Skarsgård) mum Mary Louise. To cut a long story short, she's grieving her son hardcore and poses a big threat to the Monterey Five.

Now here's where it gets interesting.

Alexander Skarsgård is the son of actor Stellan Skarsgård. Stellan starred as one of three possible baby daddy's in Mamma Mia! opposite Meryl Streep -  who again, is in Big Little Lies this season.

And so, the internet has decided; this means Bill Anderson aka Stellan Skarsgård is said Mamma Mia! baby daddy.

Image: Big Little Lies / HBO


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Written By Ally Parker