Sorry Guys, But Fans Reckon This Pic Proves Ciarran Gets Eliminated

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Today, in The Worst News Ever, it appears Ciarran will get the stanky boot from The Bachelorette far, far before we're ready.

Alexa, play 'Mad World'.

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted the "love child of Fabio and a Malfoy" - his words - at Gold Coast nightclub SinCity from Saturday 26 October.

He was even tagged in one on the 'gram:

Followers have been quick to point out that Ciarran's well-dressed presence must mean his impending doom elimination.

"Well clearly he doesn’t win HAHAHA accidentally just spoiled the bachelorette for everyone," one person wrote.

Another added, "k well he doesn’t win then" and a third chimed in, "What a spoiler."

Does anyone have a 2010-style YouTube montage of Ciarran in a stunning sepia filter? Perhaps with 'Mad World' playing? 

Asking for a friend.

Catch up on the latest Kate, Tim & Marty podcast (post continues):

The news comes after rumours Ciarran will leave the show following a death in the family. 

Either way it plays out, less Ciarran = bad + sad.

Image: Instagram / Ciarran Stott

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Written By Ally Parker

"These past six months since filming have been a very unique experience."

"I can’t ask people to call me that; it just seems really pretentious.”

"He doesn't need an invitation."