Teenage Timm Looked Nothing Like He Does On The Bachelorette

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What a transformation.

Look, we all went through an awkward stage in our teens.

Whether it was being two feet taller than everyone, having an awful hairstyle or using liquid liner on your bottom lash only, chances are there is some solid puberty gold in your mum’s photo albums.

Because of the snoops we are, we wanted to see if the long-maned Timm Hanly was always so dreamy, or if his glow-up is for The Bachelorette only.

While we’re not going to make any judgement on his teenage self, there’s no denying that, like a fine wine, he’s improved with age.

While we didn’t get ahold of his mum’s photo albums, we did find her Instagram.

And low and behold, here’s teenage Timm:

DW Timm, you’re a snack these days.

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While we’ve all been drooling over hot Bachie contestants, Angie has been dealing with a not-so-hot health issue.

The Bachelorette recently revealed to Body And Soul that she lives with endometriosis, a disease which causes tissue - similar to the lining of the womb - grow on other parts of the body.

She revealed she has to deal with "excessive bleeding. Pain with intercourse. Pain with urination and bowel movements" and weight gain during her period as other symptoms.


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