This Theory About Harry Styles And Taylor Swift Makes Complete Sense

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Please say this is true.

For all you Taylor Swift fans out there, you will know very well that the 13th of December is Taylor Swift's birthday. 

This year Taylor Swift is turning the big 3-0, so it's a big deal. And judging by her last birthday, she's going to have a massive party.

So, we find it a little coincidental that Harry has decided to drop his next album, titled Fine Line, on the same date as Taylor's birthday.

Was this on purpose? Was this just a forgetful mistake? No we don't think so young Harry.

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We all know they these two dated a million years ago and they’ve both dated other people since then.

But surely Harry knows how important Taylor's birthday is to her after dating. Plus he would have surely heard her song 'The Moment I Knew'. The track literally details her sadness about her boyfriend at the time (Jake Gyllenhaal) forgetting her birthday. 

Don't act like you haven't heard it Hazza it came out in 2012, right around the time you two were dating. 

Let's turn to our trusted source: the Twitterverse.

As expected, Swifties are out and about coming up with theories as to why these two huge events are sharing a day.

Either way, it's happening and we're going to have to wait and see how it all pans out. 

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