The Trailer For Bad Boys 3 Is Here To Prove You Don't Need A Plot These Days

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Same, same.

Well folks, it turns out you can get déjà vu from movie trailers alone.

Today's "this feels eerily familiar" vibe is brought to you by Bad Boys For Life AKA Bad Boys 3. 

The flick stars the same blokes, Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), with nothing seeming to have changed since the last film - in 2003 - but age.

Which is weird 'cause 15 years should show a bit if a switch-up ya know?

There's the same explosions, pistol whipping, the 'dumba** cop/bada** cop' dynamic as the other films (and about a million in between).

Look, we could try to put a spin on the bottom line here, but Micah Peters of The Ringer has nailed it with this:

Catch up on the latest Smallzy's Surgery podcast (post continues):

"In other words, fellow people who enjoy a loud, dumb action flick with a wafer-thin plot, we are going to eat."

Grub's up?

Watch the trailer below:

Image: Bad Boys For Life

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Written By Ally Parker