What tonight's Bachelor reject had to say about her elimination

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Well, this is unexpected.

We'd hate to be Tara right now. No, we're not talking about the fact that she was sent home by Matty on tonight's Bachelor episode. We're talking about the fact that she let it slip that she didn't make it 'til the end during a radio interview earlier today. Key part of that sentence being "earlier today", meaning before the episode aired. We can't imagine the Channel Ten execs would've been all that happy with her. 

Anywho. Despite being eliminated, in our eyes, Tara still won. The entire country fell in love with her and she's almost certainly a major contender to be the next Bachelorette. At the very least, she'll be gifted free clothes and holidays, and get paid to promote teeth whitening for the next 12 months. And turns out, Tara didn't even have to suffer any heartbreak to score all that.

In an interview with nowtolove.com.au published straight after the episode aired, the 27-year-old said she wasn't all that emotionally invested in him anyway.

“I really couldn’t give a sh-t about Matty! I was never in love with him, so I was fine as soon as I didn’t get a rose. Actually, he looked more upset than me!”


Hmmm... could've fooled us.

She also told TV WEEK, whatever feelings she had felt for him were easy to dismiss.

“It was pretty easy to get over. I didn’t even think about him as soon as I left the mansion. I was just calling my friends telling them what I’d been doing for the last few months.”

Also in the interview, Tara said she wouldn’t be keen on being the Bachelorette because she hated seeing her friends in the house have their hearts broken and didn’t think she could do that to someone else.

Tonight's episode saw Tara, along with Laura and Elise head on single dates with Matty, each culminating in D&Ms on a sofa where they admitted they were falling in love with the guy. 

Tomorrow night – who will win?

Wondering what pubs are open tonight ...

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Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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