Your First Look At The New And Improved Harley Quinn Is Here And WOW

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Who dat?

We haven’t been treated to much in the way of info regarding the upcoming Birds of Prey movie, but what little we have seen confirms one thing: Harley Quinn is going to be rocking a heap of interesting outfits.

Someone with enviable connections has leaked a new image of one of Harley’s new looks and it seems like Birds of Prey will finally be catering to fans who have a lowkey janitor fetish.

After raiding P. Diddy’s wardrobe between films, Harley’s skimpy Suicide Squad outfit has been replaced with golden overalls (tastefully unzipped), a pink tank top and slightly shorter pigtails, though she’s decided to keep her trusty hammer around.

She looks like she’s ready to kick arse and fix your toilet at the same time, and I’ll all for it.

Margot Robbie has previously said that she and the filmmakers behind Birds of Prey are actively trying to make Harley “less male gaze-y“. Based on what we’ve seen so far with the character’s basic festival chick look and her new janitor outfit, it appears that they’ve managed to do just that while retaining everything that makes the character so oddly charming.

Here’s hoping we see more info about Birds of Prey and Harley’s other outfits soon because February 7, 2020 is a long time to wait for the film to drop and we need our Harley Quinn fix now.

Image: Suicide Squad


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