Zac Efron And Selena Gomez Are Reportedly Dating And We're All For It

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Except there may be a triangle forming...

There are reports circulating that Selena Gomez and Zac Efron are dating and we're not going to lie - we really want it to be true.

Efron, who is known for his notoriously single life, recently started following Gomez on Instagram which means they're basically married in social media world.

Fans of the pair have already started planning the couple's nickname and photoshopping Gomez in cute photos of Efron.

Even though we may be all excited for these two child stars to get together, a source revealed to Radar Online that it's not a good idea:

“A lot of people think their chemistry is a recipe for disaster.

“Both of them tend to go off the rails when they’re not living a fully focused, hyper-regimented lifestyle with a team of helpers keeping them on track.”

The pair have never been papped together but they worked in the 2016 comedy sequel Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising, which saw Efron reprise his role of a fraternity president and Gomez play a sorority president.

Efron compliment the actress during an interview with ET during the press tour:

"She's awesome, she's super talented."

He then burst out laughing when main star Seth Rogen described the actress and singer as "tiny."

However, before you get too excited, another woman is in the mix. There are rumours swirling about a possible romance between Efron and Olympic swimmer Sarah Bro.

Paparazzi captured the pair together at the UFC 235 fight in Las Vegas and a source revealed to E! News that they were having a great time: 

“Zac was approached by multiple fans, and Sarah was very patient as Zac spoke to everyone who approached him."

Sources also say the pair left the fight together. 

Image: Instagram


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