'Expiration Dating' Is The Latest Crappy Trend For Single Millennials

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Here's what it means.

Today on the Internet, we're learning about the appearance of a new dating trend for single folk. 

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As Pedestrian has reported, the term refers to people who begin dating someone when they know there is a dead end for their romance up ahead. 

Maybe you're heading on holiday soon. Or you're moving cities. For whatever reason, you know there will be an end date in the near future, but you choose to start a relationship anyway. 

Urban Dictionary defines expiration dating as:

"To start a relationship that has a defined end date; e.g., one of the people is moving soon." 

While it sounds fairly awful at first - why would you get involved with someone, just to hurt them down the track? - it doesn't have to be. 

Obviously, if everyone is on the same page, and communication is clear - it can be a nice opportunity to have a fun fling before packing your bags and jetting off. 

If you're starting relationships and not sharing with your partner that you're moving away forever in a month, however, that's when things get messy - and well, totally uncool. 

Matchmaking and dating expert, Stef Safran, told Bustle in a recent interview:

"There are times that relationships are meant to last a season and not a lifetime."

But she stressed the importance of both parties being in it for the same reasons: 

"When there are different goals and needs that by continuing the relationship will not be met, it's best to end things," she told the outlet. 

So, while a little complicated, when you compare this term with other dating trends like ghosting, breadcrumbing, orbiting, or curving, it ain't all that bad - thankfully. 

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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo