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“Break a leg” means good luck in Showbiz … and our very own Nathan Morris knows that cos he’s been on the radio for years. But he found out about the combo of broken legs and good luck much earlier in life, as a kid growing up in Kalgoorlie. Long before he was on Big Brother … Nathan’s own big brother broke a leg and was flown to Perth by the Royal Flying Doctor Service. What does Nathan remember about it… “I got left behind and couldn’t even get into my house… oh and they helped my brother out too!

To help Nathan finally live out his childhood dream … His partners in crime Nat & Shaun took him on a tour of a Royal Flying Doctor Service aircraft. He was totally blown away by the stories of lives they’ve saved over the years. Like Darcy Francis of Dunsborough who had a heart attack in the early hours of the morning while taking his dog for a walk. And it wasn’t like Lassie, where the dog comes to the rescue. Darcy was urgently flown from Busselton Hospital by the RFDS to Jandakot and transferred to Fiona Stanley hospital where the admitting doctor looked up from his notes and said sincerely, "You are one lucky man!"


You know Nathan, he loves a good yarn, so he was stoked to hear the tales of young and old. Like newborn Sophie from Albany who came into the world via emergency C section not breathing and without a heartbeat. Pretty rough start. The RFDS were called and the pilot flew through a huge storm to transport Sophie to Princess Margaret Hospital for urgent care. Her mother Claire was unable to travel with her due to surgery, so the RFDS flew her up the following day to be by her daughter’s side. Claire says it was “one of the most compassionate and meaningful things anyone has ever done for me”.

In the scheme of things, Nathan’s story about his brother’s broken leg turned out to be quite trivial compared to some of the serious emergencies the RFDS has responded to over the years. He encourages the public to dig deep and make a donation to keep them in the air, cos the RFDS is largely made up of volunteers. Patients who’s lives have depended on the service, agree – Darcy Francis’s family even said “we asked that loved ones kindly make a donation rather than sending dad flowers or cards."

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Written By Beth Krapljanov

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