Nic From MAFS Hits Back At Cheating Rumours

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Well, this is interesting...

Let’s face it, the drama in Married At First Sight Australia is one thing we can always rely on, and if there’s one couple who appear to be right in the middle of it, it’s Nic and Cyrell.

Yep! The (not-so) newlyweds have been struggling in the experiment lately, and after chatting to Fitzy and Wippa yesterday morning Cyrell’s brother Ivan took the drama to new heights when he accused Nic of cheating on his sister during the show:

We know, crazy right?

Since then, Nic hit has hit back at these claims, and well, basically implied it’s a bunch of BS:


The MAFS star also spilled the tea on the rumoured friendship between himself, Cyrell and fellow co-star Liz, shutting down any whispers of them all hanging out:

" No, never and I’ve actually never hung out with Liz before the show, that rumour is a load of s*** as well” - he said.

OK, so is it just us, or does anyone else not know what to believe at this point?

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Written By Rosanna Lamotta

“Were you trying to rap, or talking out of your clacker?”

Will the MAFS drama ever end?!

And guess which member we spotted new ink on?