Charli XCX Sees Colours When Making Her Pop Hits

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It's called Synethesia, and it's pretty cool. 

Charli XCX burst into the top charts in 2013 with Icona Pop on the hit I Love It, and followed up by some certified bangers in 2014 including Break The Rules, Boom Clap and Famous on her album Sucker. 

She's been vocal about having a condition called synesthesia, where she can see colours when she hears music. 

"So when I see music in the studio, it sounds really pretentious when I talk about it, basically when I’m in the studio, if I hear certain sounds or textures when I'm making my music, it inspires certain colours and helps me visualise my music, to help me with the creation of music videos, or writing lyrics." Charli said.

"It only really happens when I’m making the music, only really around my music, if you play me a sound I wouldn’t be like “GREEN!” or whatever!

"The texture and tone of a sound makes me think... you know... I see it as like, purple, or something you know, then I begin to think about it when I’m doing music videos, I'm thinking, ‘okay, this song sounds purple to me,’ so I'm thinking of midnight, Miami Beach, Dark Oceans, you know..."

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Written By Madeline Muir
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